Camp Sundown

I attended an EPP patient education meeting held by the American Porphyria Foundation at a place known as Camp Sundown. Continue reading “Camp Sundown”


Disabled Free Speech

I have written frequently about how words said in jest or ignorance have influenced my life. One of my purposes in this endeavor to raise awareness about Erythropoietic Protoporphyria has been to shed light on how careless or harmful words can affect the perception, attitude, and even life course of a person, especially the young. Continue reading “Disabled Free Speech”

Early Friendship

It is difficult to estimate the influence of certain people in my life. I have been influenced in a multitude of positive and negative ways, just as I am sure others have been influenced by me. We all shape each other somehow, but those closest to us can reveal our true selves if will see. Continue reading “Early Friendship”

Grasping Hypochondria

My last two posts talked about how my tolerance to sunlight varies based on physical and emotional factors. This was intended to be a background that could explain why those unfamiliar with EPP are often filled with skepticism. Continue reading “Grasping Hypochondria”